So thats what they look like....

So me and Mr. Nesbitt were having a discussion the other day about how with runway and high end fashion designers, they look a lot more normal then one would suspect they would.

Now when you first think about the edgy and sometimes bizarre clothing designs these designers make you would expect them to look more like the two guys below. Very boldly and confidentially dressed individuals.

Gareth Pugh- gareth prugh

Romain Kremer- romain kremer

But interestingly enough alot of the run way/high end designers look like everyday people, like below.

Ralph Lauren- ralph lauren: Polo

Haider Ackerman- haider ackerman

Alexander McQueen- alexander mcqueen

Mr. Wilspin- Nom De Guerre

Jil Sanders- jil sanders


OcTaViUs said...
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OcTaViUs said...

i only no ralph lauren, i dont no any of these others ppl

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

i am MAJOR surprised over Alexander McQueen. lol. i definitely expected sooo much more.