Stay Protected!

At first glance...you may be thinking...."aww look at the baby elephant!"...but what if you found out that the baby had HERPES?! Would you treat it the same way? Would you still pet him and care for him tenderly? I'm not going to front....Actually...I don't HAVE to front because I'm not too fond of elephants anyway. But don't TELL me that you are willing to provide loving care and affection towards some elephant with herpes...unless you're some avid animal lover and you don't care about your health.

Does this story seem random? Elephant with herpes...yea probably. But this is a true story!! Baby Jade the elephant at the St. Louis Zoo has been diagnosed with the herpes virus. I feel bad for him because it wasn't his fault. But trust that I will be staying away. LOL. I'm sorry but I'm just being honest. They don't even know if it could be spread to humans! If you're willing to take that risk, more power to you. But stay shielded!! And before you go...read more about it HERE.