Ohhhhh myyyyy gooooossshhhhh!!! YES! Something for ME (and other ladies who enjoy boy clothes. lol) So I love bubble vests. But the ones that they have for chicks are WACK for the most part (I got lucky and copped out on one good one). And I can't buy a dude one because those are too big...even a size small. =( BUT Penfield has made my day. They made some vests for the ladies that are NOT wack AND got dope ass qualities to them like dudes' clothing has for the most part. These vests have the nicely positioned pockets with the snap buttons. But the BEST part is the patches up top are LEATHER! Wonderful. Not to mention the continuous leather on the zipper pockets. *sigh* My day has been made....well my day WILL be made when I get these vests. lol.

If you didn't know...I also LOVE bags. So Penfield has made me smile again with these aztec inspired bags. I'm goin for the two-strapped one. Messenger bags hurt my poor little shoulder.

**Pics via High Snobette


Mr. Nesbitt said...

how much are the native american print book bags?