The Fox News Issue

So if Fox News weren't dicks already...this just adds to their "dickness". So you may have heard about Fox News issue with the song "My President is Black"....which has been out for QUITE awhile now. Some asian chick (not sure of her exact race or name...but as of right now, i really don't care)...ANYwhooo this chick comes on Fox News talking about "My President is Black remix" is racist. They show the clip and end it on Jay-Z's verse "No more white lies, my President is black". Then the news anchor (that b*tch) goes on to say "This is the way they choose to celebrate the inauguration of our first black President. So much for a post-racial America" THEY???....hmm. And because of THIS song...there goes the chance for a post-racial America???...the chances for that are wack anyway because of people at Fox News. But MOVING ON FROM THAT....the asian chick (i will call her by her name from now on...Michelle) said that she first blogged about the song after the election in November. That is fine. But why is it now on the news when Jay-Z gets on the verse? They just tryna put him in sh*t because he is a known figure amongst MANY races. Jeezy is known as well, but Jay-Z has years on Jeezy so that's why it's a conspiracy. Ha! ANYwhooo the fact of the matter is that...these people on Fox are upset with the slogan "My President is Black" because to them...it is considered racial. Saying its the same ol Democratic mentality....treating people by the color of their skin and not by the content of the character. And the Obama campaign hasn't distanced theirselves from this type of behavior (as if Obama was also on the remix. lol)

All in all...this is........................YEP! You guessed it!.....BULLSH*T!!! How is making a TOTALLY regular statement such as "my President is black" considered racial? HE IS BLACK! That is why this damn election was historic in the first place! But because black people are excited and happy about this and making this statement with pride...this is considered racial. And is it racist that Jay-Z said "no more white lies. my President is black"? Nope. Horrible excuse. What are white lies? White lies are the lies you tell for positive reactions or to not hurt anyone. White lies are used to avoid offense. Does that really have anything to do with color? Did Jay-Z say "no more lies from white people"? NOPE! So what have you there? And for them to say that the same ol' Democratic mentality is treating people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character....that's definitely some dickhead's thoughts. If that was the case, why would we have the President we do now. His character outshines any physical appearance. I can't believe that Fox News has gotten me so upset because they are always some assholes so whats new. Its just...ignorance grows when you have something great but against society's views. So ignorance has heightened since the inauguration of Barack Obama. I should have been prepared for this. Shame on me. *shaking my head*



Mr. Nesbitt said...

Yes, it used to be unsaid but its very clear that between networks such as Fox, CNN, and MSNBC sides have been chosen and they scream out their preferences and opinions through their choice of content and use of words in their newscasts.

I think it is funny though because when its all said and done, Barack is history! He opened the door and I dont talk about it much anymore.

I'm waiting for "America's Next Top Black __[insert title]___".

Vincent said...

This is N.F.O.
And I believe that this world is a racist one, and we cannot judge what is said as racist or not, when race plays a big part in our lives. Whites seem to have more hostility towards the idea of a black president, because he's black not because of his views. They were fine with Clinton(William). But the song itself is no more racist than anything, i dont think it can be compared to....i dont know.....enslaving a group of people and letting them go. I mean only 30 years or so ago, we were dealing with jim crow and racism. It doesn't just dissapear. I'm stating the obvious.

but its like a fight between two people, and one person gets a bunch of licks in, then throws his hand out to call a truce. Martin Luther King, and many other civil rights leaders fought for and enforced that truce. But you can't expect the people to feel even. Fair and square.

Truthfully. I didnt like what I saw on the post inaugaration video, the introduction to the song. It felt degrading and I was ashamed of my fellow black brothers, but in no way, does their "racism" equal or come close to hanging, setting fire to, or maming blacks normally. For those emotions, I don't think we are a fully "post-racism" country.