So this right here is my SHOW right now! (Google it if you don't know about it. Please step your game up. Thanks.) I haven't missed an episode yet! I'm lovin the variety that they have this season. Two totally different black girls...your ditzy white girls....the annoying brat...the white girl that thinks she's the tough thing cuz she's from BOSTON...and the naked one. Sounds so interesting doesn't it? BECAUSE IT IS! Anywho, the black girl with the long gelled up hair from Compton is Kayla (KC). For the whole season so far, she has played this role as the tough black b*tch who don't take no sh*t. But nothing has come about but a loud mouth. But boy oh boy...did she get hers on this last episode. One of the ditzy white girls wasn't takin no sh*t either and "man'd" up more than you'd expect....or i should say more than Kayla expected. lol. Kayla put up a fight but that white girl (Amber M) put up more of a fight and also choked the SH*T outta her! LOL! It was proven that Kayla was definitely all mouth otherwise she would have murked that white girl's ass.

My favorite character is Tiffany. She's the black chick from Chicago. She's always calm and acts a little more maturer than the others in the house. Kayla secretly looks up to her but is always hatin on my girl Tiff. But in the previous episode, I think Tiff got fed up with Kayla's antics and decided she wasn't havin it. Tiff goes OFF and this is the first time that Kayla really has nothing to say. She was quiet as hell...so called acting like "the one who's not tryna argue". Knowing if it was anyone of them other girls, someone would have heard Kayla's loud ass down the street. ANYwhoo...seeing the fight between Amber M and Kayla really makes me think. If Tiff would have gotten hold of Kayla.....Kayla might not have witnessed the next day. Because it woulda been "war"!

My fave part:::::
Kayla: *rolls eyes* Goodnight Tiff..
Tiffany: Naw it ain't no goodnight. I ain't goin to sleep b*tch!