So my lil homie TERRENCE 'MARS' JONES is on his way to the TOP! Recently he's been bustin' his ass to get into Columbia College Chicago. But thats not the only thing he's been doing. He and his crew, THE RUDE BOYZ, have been working on their mixtape titled "LEADERS OF THE REBELLION", but this lil dude has a lot more on his plate then that. He's currently an employee at the Illest music shop in ST.LOUIS, ViNtAgE ViNyL...member of 1824 magazine...and just an all ARound GRINDER looking into the fashion world!

I want to take time out to congratulate this little rude f*cker T.Jones for being accepted into Columbia College where he plans to pursue a degree in fashion. I wanna say "peace out" to him even though he's only 4 hrs away from home.....and also claims he's going to be back often for a good ol' STL haircut (I think he's lying bout that........lol). Again Congrats LIL FOLK!!!!!!!

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Playboy Mar$ said...

that lil nigga FLY!! where y'all know him from LOL