Inaugural Fashion

This is a great time for young people my age, It has been my first privilege to vote, my first black president (not the last), and this is the First time I've paid attention to the Inaugural events. I'm so mad this only happens every four years. You know how we Democrats do we are very worldly, joyful and entertaining people, may I add fashionable too. . . Sorry Repubs.

Well. . . .
(Above) This picture makes my day here we have Jeezy, My inspiration Russell Simmons, and T.I. Now I praise Mr. Simmons in all of his en devours but I cant let him pass with this reject phat farm out fit no tie, and those dame shoes! I know he doesn't compromise his style but I needed you to do it for our president so they can see How classy black people can be. Oh well I'm glad the GQ models on his sides came correct. Kudos to T.I. He was on point from head to toe, and Overcoat to cuff. Well Done.

(Above) My other favorite people tonight were the Bidens, They dressed to impress! but just like the second in line, You always get to have more fun because you have all the privileges and less responsibility. Cindy was killin it in that red dress, she looked amazing. Joe was about the most dashing tuxedo tonight as well.

(left) Mrs. O. . . I'm a little too calm looking at her, The dress is very beautiful, delicate, and not over done. And thats not really what I was hoping for with rumors of all the couture gowns on her plate, but hey maybe that is her style, I just really want my First family to be the Royal family of the U.S. and So I guess I was looking for a coronation of a queen.

(Right) You know your girl Mariah had To keep it real and keep her girls out for the world to see. But she brought it up to the political elegance level with her full length body covering number, Because I'm sure she was looking to wear something shorter. Well done.

(Below) Mrs. Knowles-Carter Sang that song! as for this dress. . .I dunno. This was the best picture I could find where it was not bunching in unflattering ways around the bust and waist. I know that this event doesnt happen to often so These celebs set the scale for future Inaugural fashions but her jump to maturity and elegance was too far. The dress, and nail color great. But this church anniversary dress is not fitting well on her, out of all of the girls I think Bey could have given a little more sex appeal and shaped the boote' because this gift wrap around the waist is only giving us an Oprah on the red carpet feel.

(Below) Ms. Keys was the best dressed Female of the night (excluding the royals)
She looked Badd in this bubble dress. Just like the other ladies she went for the
conservative upper fully covered bodice and bust, but she gave us the celebrity
flare we wanted with the tiered bubble with metallic detail. Hella Sexy!

(Below) Jamie, My boy, he wore exactly what I would have, an all white tux with black detail. But I wish he would have lost the sunglasses come on man this is an Inaugural Ball if ur gonna go classy go all the way please. He is the best dressed guy there.

(right) Oh Shakira, I'm mad they had her singing old american classics that she could hardly pronounce but She stood apart tonight not only because of her immigrant status, But because she brought the color!
Besides Cindy Biden this was really the only bold step away from soft metallics and black that I have seen. She brought trend with this electric blue and brought the black tie classy almost literally with the black side detail. That whats up!


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

JILL Biden!! LMAO!

And i TOTALLY agree...Alicia Keys was definitely the best dressed.

I also appreciated that Obama went with the white bow tie. nods to him.

Triz Kennedy! said...

A. Keys looking good!

Nichols Accomplished said...

i wonder if alicia keys would let me rub my balls on her leg?!

suite STL said...

u r so on point with every comment. I loved Alicia Keys performance and look

Young Atticus said...

you're wrong about Beyonce's dress. I'm not even a fan, but she was easily the best dressed woman of the night. Dress was super classy.

You are also wrong about Jamie Foxx. His tuxedo is wrong for the occasion. The black lapel lining is wrong, and he is wearing the atrociously outdated shawl collar. And the sunglasses alone would have been reason enough to take him out of the running for best dressed.

Step your fashion critique game up, Mr. Nesbitt. I expect better from you.