I haven't lost touch...

Bet you didn't know i loved Feist too?! I actually BOUGHT her CD as soon as it came out. If you're not hip to Feist, then you may know her from those Apple Ipod Nano commercials played awhile ago...where her hit song "1 2 3 4" was played (which is when I fell in love with her voice). I think her CD "The Reminder" puts me at peace. ANYwhoooo....I still listen to that CD quite often. Join me!...as i "embark" this musical journey. (<---- HAHA!)

Here is one of the songs from the album...entitled "Sealion". This song is simple but dope as hell to me. Especially towards the end when those guitars come reigning in. YESSIR! Listen...enjoy.

Discover Feist!

P.S.A.:: She got a song out with Ben Gibbard called "Train Song". That sh*t is SOULFUL! Google/YouTube it!