I Approve

So i BEEN hearin' about this dude named Big Sean who got signed to G.O.O.D Music. But it took til now to finally check him out. I must say that he is better than i thought he would be. I've learned not to have high expectations for people, because I have been let down in the past. But I wasn't disappointed with this one. I am really intrigued with his voice. I also like how he pronunciates his words very well (that's that education for yo ass). Not only is his music pretty good...but he's pretty fashionable as well. He gets a nod from Twiggy. =)
This is prob one of my favorites that I have heard so far:

Big Sean - 08- Streets on Lock feat. Big Shan - Big Sean

P.S.A.:: Get direct links to Big Sean's Myspace and Blog here!


Anonymous said...

Dude is definitely nice
His mixtape from a min ago was pretty dope