I had a Dream

I have the weirdest dreams; I’m sure most people do. A major difference for myself is that I always wake up uncomfortable and trembling. This is because my dreams are almost always nightmarish. They are not full out nightmares because in my dreams I’m always trying to get away from something, and its usually a big elaborate effort between myself and a group of people to get way from what ever is trying to get us. Last night (1/21/09) Was the first dream I had in a long time, and it was very vivid, this is why I had to wake up and start typing at 6:45am.

So. . . It’s always random places, times, and people ( if not be afraid, YOU'RE NOT DREAMING LOL). Its like 1950s/60s and I’m in a rural city with lots of green space and plenty of trees and fields around. I’m at a house where there is a small gathering going on, its my friend VJ’s home but very different. His family is in the kitchen laughing and talking, I for some reason get up and walk into a bed room to use a computer, the lights are off and for the sake of not disrupting I keep them off and just bring the computer out of hibernation, The bright white facebook screen lights up the room. This is when I notice the room has not a window but a sliding glass door as if it opened out into a patio or backyard, It did. I also noticed that a breeze was coming through the curtain, it was open. I walked up and moved the curtain back and looked outside it was very dark and all you could see were the giant spot lights put off by street lights and the yellow glow emitting from other windows of the house. I heard a yelp, I looked down at a near by bush and saw my mom’s dog Asia backing out of it toward the window. (why my dog Asia is at VJ’s house I dunno). “Asia, Come, Here!” I yelled at her as if I had been waiting for her. She turned and ran through the crack in the door. But then something came out the bush behind her and shot off right behind her towards the door.

It was another dog that looked exactly like asia but it ran very contorted as if its legs were too big and bulky for its body. Immediately I realized something was very wrong and that creature was not a dog and that it was dangerous. I rushed asia and snapped the door closed by the hair of her tail. The Other dog pounced at the window making a loud thud and glared at me through it for a second and its eyes followed me as I backed away from the window and let the curtain fall closed. As I walked toward the door into the hallway I saw its shadow diminish away from the curtain.

I ran into the kitchen, and cut off a radio that was playing and I explained to every one that “something was trying to get in here”. Everyone in the room broke in to motion but remained in a horrific silence. I began to move and piddle around as well. I’m not sure if every one was securing the house, grabbing weapons, or packing bags. (kind of hazy after this; Next memory. . .)

It’s a little after high noon because the sun is lower in the sky and I’m outside running down the street I’m very nervous and anxious. I run up to an old house on top of a hill. There are men going in and out of the house and working on the roof as if they were dismantling the house, from a distance the line of people looked like worker ants carrying things. As I get closer I see that the men on the roof are the staff of MSC Building Operations. I yell to Mr. Wea on the roof “ They are closer we saw some of them”. Every one freezes and looks at me with fear in their eyes and begins to either drop what they are doing or move faster. Adrian walks out the house, Mr. Wea tells him to get the ladder and help him roll up an extension cord. As they rush to get all their supplies and belongings together I see that these people are taking everything down the back of the hill across a large field into a large ranch style complex It almost resembled a single floor hotel compound or maybe a field house gym. I immediately understood that people were gathering together in this building and taking everything they could. I help get things there.

So it looks like the whole town is in here. (it looks a lot like harpo’s club from the color purple). People are sitting on tables talking, women cooking, kids running playing. I’m still scared and upset because it seems as if they are just having a party. I have to pee so I go to the rest room, Its almost dark now, I’m in the bath room and I notice there is a very large attic fan above me. I think about how this is a single level building so I angle myself to look to the side of the fan blades as they move, I can see a slit of sun peeping between each blade swing. As I am looking the blades sway slower and then stop. I can see the setting orange sun very clearly between the triangular openings between two blades. A large and hairy hand slowly reaches across my view point beyond the fan blades and touches the casing of the fan. I bite my fist in shock so I wouldn’t gasp or scream. I duck down and turn out the light as more commotion happens above the fan. I slide out the door, close and lock it. I run back in to the main room and whisper at the top of my lungs. “everybody quiet”, Adrian asks me what’s wrong, I said “ They are on the roof”.

(And this is when I woke up my body very uneasy and scared. I really don’t remember what exactly the creatures were but I just have the sense that they were apes or gorillas by the hands, but they must some how be able to change forms because of the fake dog that I seen at the other house. Isn’t this dream odd?)

What ever I'm getting way from in this dream looks alot like Him ( above) but with less hair.


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

*sigh* You're weird..

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

i also cannot believe that you bit ur fist so that you wouldn't scream. Picturing that has some comedic value. (I'm laughing right now)