For all my indie film folks...

This is a guide/breakdown on people trying to break into some cinematography, its got a bit of information but its def worth the look. Most of the equipment I'll be listing will be pretty affordable and with the right insight and creativity you can achieve the same effect of a lot high grade production companies for a fraction of the cost.

I'm going to be going over about 4 cameras: Canon HV20 and HV30, Canon HG 10, Panasonic dv953, and last but def not least the Canon XH A1. Also with almost all of these camcorders I'll be looking at an accesory called 35 mm adapter attached to each one, which for a pretty good price gives a HD camcorder a film grade look.

This first video is a music video using the Canon HV 20 and an unnamed 35mm adapter, that with the use of Sony Vegas editing software gives a really professional turnout for the video.

The second video is featuring the Canon HV 30 and a homemade 35mm adapter that can be bought from online forum as well.

This third video is using a Canon HG 10 and a Letus mini 35 mm adapter, and magic bullets color grading software, I'll have listings with prices and everything at the end.

This fourth video is using the panasonic dv953 and a
Mediachance design 35mm adapter, also using magic bullets color software.

These last two videos show what you can do with a little more money for better equipment, The first of the two is using the Canon XH A1 a SGPro 35mm adapter, and Floatcam steadycam system. Now a steadycam is a balancing sort of tripod so that it eliminates hand shakiness in shots and gives a much more professinal look.

This second one is using a Sony PD150 and a Redrock Micro M2 35mm adapter also with some editing from from adobe Premiere.

Now for the price sheet.......
the equipment from the first video :
Canon HV 20 = $600-700
Miny 35mm adapter= $300
Sony Vegas software= $550
Adobe Premiere cs4= $800 or $300 upgrade if u have cs3 already

Total cost for first package= $1400-1800

the second video:
Canon HV 30= $700-800
The homemade 35mm adapter made by twoneil.com = $200-380
And the same software as listed as before...
Total= $1500-2000

The third video:
Canon HG10=$470-600
Letus mini=1,100 *considered a more professional adapter, and more mass produced
same software applies, another less expensive adapter can be used just fine.
Total= $1,400-2400

The fourth video:
Panasonic dv953= $750-1500
Mediachance design 35mm adapter= is all homemade so the price may vary , instructins found at http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/dof/index2.htm
same software applies
Total= $1700-2650

The fifth video:
Canon XH A1 =$3000-3500
SGPro 35mm adapter= $760
Floatcam Steadycam= $600-700
Same software applies...
Total= $5100-5600

The sixth video:
Sony PD150= about $1500 and up* the outdated version of the PD170 so its usually only found on ebay
Redrock Micro M2 35mm adapter=$1000-1500
Same software applies...
Total= $3500-4000

Now as for the steadycam seen in video 4 there are multiple systems availiable, including homemade ones from about $14.00 to premade pro ones at about $7000, but its not neccesity for intro level film makers...
With the adapters you also have to use a stadard film lense, usually the best ones are 50mm 1.8, 28mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8. which run about 100-300 dollars, so add that to the price of whatever adapter u get.
heres website links....
http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/store/all/magic-bullet-looks/new/- is a plug in for Adobe or Sony Vegas

Also most if not all of the products can be found on ebay, you just have to be careful...if u have you have any questions or want to know more let me know.


Mr. Nesbitt said...

Oh this is tight, What made you want to post this?

You know me and P.Ann Have Television production together and we have a 3 hour class that will teach us how to work camera's like that, and how to use Final Cut pro.

Damn it, One of us is GOING to be behind the scenes of a Blockbuster someday!!!!

The Skipper said...

man i was just youtubing and saw all this stuff and it made want to blog it...lol

Da$hing said...

skip this is one long A$$ post. but real talk u know ur stuff