SO me, da hommette P.T, and fellow MONARCH Twiggy went to check NOTORIOUS the opening Night. Of course it was HELLA packed and GHETTO in the theatre, we thought we was doing something big by going to CREVE COUER HA! didn't matter @ all N*ggaz gon be N*iggaz...........lol Anywho to me the Movie was good, but TWIGGY and PT had different views. They felt as if some parts where unnesessary (sex scences and nudity) of course im a guy so I really didn't mind.............LOL but on the real I DID feel what they were saying. Jamal Woolard did a GREAT job playing Biggie, both Twig and PT agreed with that, Of course Derek Luke smashed Diddy part that was a No Brainer. Naturi Naughton who was part of 3LW didn't do as well, lets just say she plays a good WHORE..........LOL Other then that guys go SUPPORT NOTORIOUS I learned a lot about Biggs legacy that I didn't no before.