Name: Randal Jackson
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Occupation: Film maker, artist, student and writer

He currently reside in Milwaukee, WI where he attends UW- Milwaukee. He's a film student working toward his BA in Film. His art influences range from graffiti artist, pop artist and comic book artist. The artists that most influence him is KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Leinil Yu, Akira Toriyama, Oliver Coipel and Futura. He's been drawing since he was 7 years old and reading comics and manga to develop his own style. He was later influenced by graffiti artist to make a much more raw style of his own. He got into film making and writing screenplays in middle school and is still currently doing it now. He felt that he wanted his art to stand out not just on paper but in film. Film gave him a lager outlet where people can see what goes through his mind and they can relate to the characters or imagine being in the worlds he create. He just currently finished a script and passing it along with some movie producers. He will start his next script in first quarter 2009.