Christmas for Mr. Nesbitt?

TV, Movies, Magazines, Business, will all be apart of my life, but
I want my bottom line to be Fashion design

(lol maybe rapping too)
And I am always making my future today, so I'm in no way trying to be stagnant or give excuses,
but I have this machine I've used in the past to make the two pieces you see here. .

It works ok but I need and update, my sewing machine is much older than myself, I found it in my mom's basement, and It looks like its older than her, so Maybe i should take it on the Antique's Roadshow, what do you think?

Exactly!! I know right?

I mean it did put out these two works ok but its very loud, scary, and heavy as hell! about 45lbs ( its made of complete metal).

So a New Sewing Machine is most definitely in order!


Aramide said...

I'm liking those dresses! Might have you a customer!