Can I be Famous?

Ok so you know ya boy was on the news a few weeks ago. When it happened it was nothing important and I didnt think twice about it. It was the day after Obama became president
(Hell yes!),
I'm sure they spoke to young and old black men all over the country. The few days following my news clip I received many calls from friends family telling me they saw me on the news.

Then as i walk around my campus and other common areas strangers and acquaintances also stop me and acknowledge me. . . I like this!!! and I didnt think about it until now.

Being the Mavericky and Innovative spirit I am, [insert pastor Curney scream] Thank you jesus!! I thought about the rise of some people from citizen to celebrity.

I found some of my favorite examples lets begin:

Mychael Knight, 2nd runner up in the Award winning bravo tv competition, Project Runway, He is my favorite story of ascent because he is a clothing designer. After the show he has of course started his own clothing line which is self titled, and he is working on a male and female lingerie called "Kitty & Dick". get it? lol

you may have cough him on BET's rip the runway, or designing dresses for a spoiled bitch on MTV's Super Sweet 16 or you may have even seen him recently designing for Sheree' on The Real House Wives of Atlanta.

This dude can go no where but up.

(below) A print from his campaign for His new perfume majikal
(Below) now he gets all the Kitty. . .

Markice (Kesaun) Moore, Now look at this you thought he was just some little angry dude from Vh1's G's to Gents, but NO! as you can see to my right, he was in the movie ATL performing across from Evan Ross.

Most would hate on him because the thug image is clearly for the cameras (see third Picture). He is a nice sensible young man trying to get his grind on in the acting and music industry. I aint mad at the fake thug act!

imdb.com informs us that he has two films in post production for 2009 and he continues to work on his music (He was signed to Akon's label Konvict Musik a while ago)

Dorion Strandberry, you may or may not remember him as that loner house mate from BET's College Hill Atlanta.
(yea we see the first pic is suspect lets keep it moving.)

Most people who go on reality shows are never "Real" people who are living regular lives. THESE people are chasing Hollywood dreams and again. {Darren sings: I aint mad at cha...}

Dorion is one of those people he before and after the show he as been involved in many modeling campaigns, and has been a commentator on Atlanta's Hot 107.9

The show has helped push further to his Hollywood dreams by not only being on the radio but doing red carpet work for various online media outlets.

Oh and You know I love to jump! so I had to shout out his dope ass photographer: www.jamesanthonyphotos.com