Ready! Wash! Set!

Jigaboos: Don’t you know my hair is so strong
It can break the teeth out of a comb
don’t have to put it up at night
What you have to keep up at night
What you have to keep out of sight

Wannabees: Your hair ain’t no longer than (finger snap)
So you’ll never fling it all back
And you ‘friad to walk in the rain
Oh what a shame who’s to blame

Jigs: Don’t you ever worry ‘bout that
‘cause I don’t mind being BLACK go on with your mixed-up head
I ain’t gonna never be ‘fraid

Wannabees: Well you got nappy hair

Jigs: Nappy is all right with me

My hair is straight you see

But your soul’s crooked as can be.
~ Good and Bad Hair~ Spike Lee ~ School Daze ~


Anonymous said...

really? you got me...
i wear it well both ways, ha!