I'm back and I'm ready

I just spent the last week in Austin, TX at a conference. I got to parle with the black leaders of every big school across the nation. (more posts on that soon).

But by night fall I was preparing myself for MARCH 13th! (Come get diverted). The STL "swag" is based in the southern "Jig", and I was able to witness it in the party as UMSL, MIZZOU, and KC got it in with LU, OCU, OU . . . etc.

With that said I'm definitely feeling the following music and dances ( I know some of them have been around but they hit hard in Austin!)
This song will be played!!! lol
If this upsets you don't judge her, judge her environment lol And who knows, she may be a straight A student.
Ok so I need you all to practice these at least once a day, so that we can "gig" and "hit them hoes", and all that good stuff.


Anonymous said...

LMAO im in class laughing at the side comments tou making with these videos.. You hella silly!

Candessica said...

BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I said I was coming and tell Mr.Insolence to start practicing now. NO EXCUSES! I learned a few more things myself

(begins to flex) wurk, wurk, wurk lol

Nichols Accomplished said...

oh shit... i gotta go home and practice right now!

Candessica said...

lol at the thought of John in the mirror like nobodys watching!!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

CANDESSICA...If you come to our party, I will have your earrings AND i will flex on yo ass! BWAHAHAHA!!

Candessica said...

well PLEEEEEASE have them arms ready and loose from your bowFLEX. Cuz im there and its going down! lol