Rest from Work

I lifted my work burdens and went to the Chi, with out the load I can fly. Now that load is back on me I want to reminisce on the experience. I will be going back soon.
Vtoles met a random Nine-tails pokemon
Going to the Clerb!!

We had a photo shoot with our new contact Shasta. [The serious Columbia students have SKILL]
Vtoles goes hard for Big Sean he stopped our convo mid-sentence when he heard it come on.
Vtoles and I discussed interior design in relation to store fronts.
"I don't know know much about Jimmy Choo, but it goes hard" - Vtoles
The View is amazing every where, I assume the people who live there don't notice much

Shasta is the one who helped the Monarchs Decide on a Organization to give our Haiti Profit too.
[ Doctor's Without Borders]
I can care-less when I'm pissed, and you don't want to see me care-less, because shit becomes hope-less real quick!