Last week I heard the remix to " O LET'S DO IT" by Waka Flocka feat Diddy, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane. I really can't express how geeked I was when I heard it. I'm already nuts for the original (don't judge me...hood $hit is dope and you know it) but when I heard Diddy talking mad ish on that joint I GOT SUPER AMP'D! I mean lets face it...people dislike Diddy so much, but for what reason? THAT NIGGA GOT IT ALL! People hate on the best all the time. For example JAY-Z, BEYONCE, AND KOBE......WHY???...The world may never know. Today my bro @NicholsAccomp made me realize people hate Diddy so much because he's so damn arrogant. I mean I knew that already but so freaking what!! HE'S HAD IT ALL AND HE'S GETTING MORE. JUST TAKE A LOOK AND LISTEN TO THE VERSE AND I BET YOU WILL LOOK AT DIDDY IN A DIFFERENT WAY...........

stole the vid from www.anonymousinsolence.com/