Top 5 English to French Translation Mistakes

Ok So I've made the decision to start over with French. I'm on the path to success, and I have come to terms that it won't be quick. With that said I would rather do it right.
I have studied and found that Deutsch (my former language) is only spoken in Germany and its small surrounding countries. But French is spoken around the world.

And along with Italian, French is one of the languages most commonly used in High Fashion.

The majority of linquists say that German spelling and pronunciation is close to english. This means if you were to look at a german sentence you could probably figure out what it says by looking at root words, and stems.

As for French, they say the sentence structures, verbs, and vocabulary are much simpler, but pronunciation is difficult.

Most people who hinder over languages are caught between which one they are most passionate about.

Now you know me! I'm about that $$$$, when they said French is worldwide and is second to English as a world "Langauge of Commerce". . .
Monsieur ne Joue pas cela!