Diddy for Vogue

My Mogul Role Models are definitely falling inline with my expectations. It's always good to know what you do well, and sometimes that may change. You may start in music, and that skill may loose it's shine or relevance.

So real moguls know to not beat a dead horse. Mr. Combs shifted into Urban fashion many years ago. Sadly that horse was on it's death bed a few years ago. (Being put out of Dillards is an all time low)

But just recently in 2009 Sean John as relaunched holding onto it's urban roots, while reaching into the realm of luxury tailored fashion seen on Fashion Week runways.

The elite and restrictive high fashion industry accepted Diddy with open arms.
DIDDY does a Fashion Editorial for VOGUE
Most might not see this as a huge leap, but it is. Not many "Rappers turned Business men" get to grace the pages of Vogue in a serious editorial, that has nothing to do with music. I plan to be a mogul that switches lanes, and keep the oven hot! New shit should always be served up fresh!