Tamia's the Onliest Woman for Me...

i want to say off jump, that in no way do i co-sign that country ass buttermilk buscuit top she has on, but because i am straight (as opposed to gay, like any ninja that can't see past her choice of clothing) i can still appreciate how fuckin awesome she is.

seriously, take some time to look at her golden brown skin, that long hair, and those perfectly placed freckles along the bridge of her nose. i mean, damn! if you tell me she isn't the BADDEST chick you have ever seen, i will automatically assume that you are the GAYEST muhfucka E.V.E.R... in life. i am sayin, she has fuckin freckles. who doesn't like a black female with freckles? straight up, she is so nice i would kiss her in her MOUTH before getting her background information... (FYI there is more bacteria in the human mouth than in most public toilets. bottomline, if you don't check these run of the mill, extra regular ass chicks references before mouth-to-mouth contact you ain't shit and i probably wouldn't fuck with you!) anyway, i need her to come out of hiding because i would love to have new material to rub my penis too. i jerked off so much to alicia keys and her purple tights, in her new video, that my dick hurt for days afterwards... i turned the video on a couple days ago and tried to get one off but my dick jumped out my lap and ran before i could even put my hand on it. (haha!!!) i was dick-less for 3 1/2 hours, until i found it hiding behind a "family" sized bottle of mrs. butterworth's maple syrup (notice i said FAMILY SIZED... *Subtle wink to all my ladies*... holla at me!)

check this tamia video out:

Oh lawd!.. *biting fist*


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Now you KNOW that your man-part is getting no love from any other chick that reads this post and saw your "subtle wink"...thanks to the lovely Dinae.


p.s. Tamia can get it

Anonymous Insolence said...

if i was to really cheat on dinae i would break up with myself... you know i love to talk shit though twigs!!!