Is Your Life Your Own, Or Someone Else's?!?

probably best if read with this playing in the background...

I woke up this morning way earlier than a man on vacation should. i tried to go back to sleep but i couldn't, my body wanted to go back to sleep but my mind wouldn't let it(it felt like as soon as my eyes opened, i was wide awake... weird). my mind has been racing over the last couple days, period. i have been thinking about this life that God has blessed me with and what i am here to do. There are so many goals that i want to accomplish, goals that will not be reached by sitting in a cubicle 8-10 hours a day, followed by going to the gym then wasting the rest of time i have left in front of a fucking television. If nothing else, i know this life is short. I become overwhelmed when i look at how fast the past 10-15 years have flown by. right now, i am only 27 (young as hell, new to the "real" world), but i know that i won't be young forever. every moment is precious and day by day, the decisions i make are continually shaping my future. shaping who i am gonna be in this world, and how i am gonna be remembered.

from day one, i knew i could not live my life behind a desk, making what another man says that i am worth. i have ALWAYS known that i needed to do my own thing because my potential was much greater than what "the machine" would allow it to be. I see people working there asses off for next to nothing hating every moment they spend at their gig, and i have talked to people that make real long money but struggle through life because they have sacrificed their dreams and freedom to get the dough. i refuse to live a hum drum life full predictability, and absent of passion and creativity. this world won't decide what i am to be, my gifts have been given to me for much greater purposes than it would have me use them for.

nas said it best when he proposed the question "whose world is this?", and followed by answering "the world is yours!" ... deep within those texts lies something so profound, the idea that we are not the world's possesion. so why do so many people carry themselves that way? abiding by rules that were written by men whose main desire was money, daily slaving behind a computer making someone else rich. hoping that one day i will move up the corporate ladder, but still working and trying to satisfy another person that is above me (basically being a slave for higher wages).

i want to challenge you all to follow your dreams! i challenge you to find your calling, find something you love to do and work hard to make a living doing it. don't waste your life away doing what another person believes is best for you because this is your life and their plans for you may not line up with the plans that you have for yourself. their is no greater gift then life itself... what have you been doing with yours?

i love you all, no matter how fucking gay that may sound, and i wish you the best and nothing but success in the coming years!!!

i am out to get mine, and i really hope that you get out here and get yours...



Brandi said...

I love this post, so true! I agree 100%.