Dumb Sh*t Sells Because Most People are Stupid

I was talking to my dudes @DragonflyJonez and @Mademonarch_O (Octavius) about how Oj da Juiceman (pronounced JEW-man) and Gucci may be the dumbest beings to ever be birthed by a human female... after nearly dying from laughter at two seperate occasions, i started wondering how the hell are they so rich? i mean, they have made millions of dollars by saying shit like aye, okay, hghchuuuuncghh (pronounced hghchuuuuncghh, *refer here if you have no clue what the hell i am talking about*), and "might don't make it". if you go to world star hip hop all their videos have millions of views, but artists that create music that has content are barely in the thousands, it makes NO sense... then i started thinking about the people that buy this shit, and it came to me, dumb shit sells because m*hf*ckas is stupid!!! most people can't relate to it because there are way more gucci's in this world than lupe's or even kanye's. (with the school systems as bad as they are, i can't even blame them though.) seriously, if it wasn't for music, oj da juiceman and gucci would be sweepin barbershop floors for loose change. so, i am not mad at them. i am more infuriated by the government that doesn't invest enough in education to prevent cats like them from entering the work force so ill prepared.

Anyway, here is an example of some good ass music, that probably won't get the love it deserves until something is done about the lack of knowledge in our communities...

Thieves in the Night - Talib Kweli feat Mos Def

...i have been playing this song for the last 5 hours, true story!