...All I Want For Christmas

dear readers:

When i was younger i had a thing for white women. being that i was so fucking jaded by the media's portrayal of the white female, i became really curious about how it would be to bust one down. as a result of spending the vast majority of my life living in the burbs, i have experienced (smashed or got bopped up by) the lion's share of blonde hair, blue-eyed, heavy-chested females with flat, square booties. now that i am older, and the media has almost no impression on my preferences, i like my woman dark (real dark!) and lovely... BUT there are some pink-toed women, like erin andrews (the chick above... who is a sports enthusiast and espn commentator), that i wouldn't mind testing the waters with...

when my girlfriend asked me, earlier this month, what i wanted for christmas, i promptly told her that i wanted an erin andrews pussy mold to help me get through my lonely celibate nights... needless to say, she decided against it! recently, i found out there is a tape of her walking around a hotel nude and i immediately got at my white homies to find out the link. unfortunately, they said the link they were using was deleted... smh *tear*... so, it looks like you guys are my only hope of having my christmas wish come true! if there is anybody out there in the blogosphere that can assist me in my quest to get my hands (pun intended) on this footage, me and my dick would greatly appreciate it.

with love,
anonymous insolence (the anonymous one)


mooney57 said...

hey i found the video for you man, if you wanna watch it here's the url:

OcTaViUs said...

dude thats phuck up. freaky ish right there

Anonymous Insolence said...

Thanks b... I will be putting that to good use in the very near future!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Peeping toms are creepy. smdh