We About to go Wayy back...

For some reason, I was reminiscing about the times when I was young and I use to rampage thru my big sister's CDs because I thought she had the best collection EVER! This is the 90s yall...back when mp3 players didn't exist and people actually went out and BOUGHT CDs. She had everything (from a 9-year old's point of view)...Aaliyah, Jodeci, Blackstreet, Prince, & even Soul 4 Real (i still can't believe she had that. *blank face*). But one of my faves was Ginuwine's album The Bachelor. I LOOOVE that CD! Dope ish on that album..."Pony", "When Doves Cry"...songs that were a little too mature for a kid my age but i dug it. :) But my fave was "I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry". To this day....I know ALL the words to that song + the oohs & ahhs (aka runs).

I probably left all her CDs scratched. lol

Take a lap down memory lane....or just run that vid because I said so: