It's Good to Have A Representative that Represents his Constituents

State Representative, Don Calloway, is a true community ally!..

The Fire Chief and two "legal" representatives for the northeast fire district have been participating in illegal and corrupt activites which were revealed through an audit. An emergency meeting was called to terminate the three individuals who had betrayed the people they served. The only way they would agree to leave without causing future problems was for the taxpayers to shell out another $730,000 in severence payments. A vote was held, to judge whether this was an acceptable agreement (which, it obviously isn't), and an official who disguised herself as an honest representatative of the community showed her true colors and voted on the side of the leaches that have continually made waste of the taxpayers money. In order to prevent his constituents from suffering another hit, Don Calloway grabbed the check-book being used to pay the the criminals, in order to find out what bank needed to be contacted to freeze the funds. In response to him grabbing the check-book he was assaulted and scratched across the face by a fire department representative. As a result of his allegiance to the community, which he is serving as legal represenation free of charge, he was arrested and ridiculously charged with 2nd degree-robbery. These charges will more than likely be dropped, but he was still forced to spend a number of hours in jail.

here is a picture of Don Calloway's face after he was attacked by a Northeast employee:

As a St. Louis resident who is well aware of the corruption that dwells within our city I want to say that it feels good to know that there are still people in government who care about the people that trusted them enough to vote them into their positions, and will do whatever is needed to serve them as best as they can. I am proud to say that i am a strong supporter of Don Calloway. His strong will to do what is right, even when it isn't popular, is just the type of represenation and example our community and youth need. I hope that the real criminals, in the community in which this incident occurred and the surrounding ones, realize that change is coming and it starts with young, intelligent, and driven people like