Aaron Reid: Octavius Spoke, Now It's My Turn...

... women, children, and old white people please refrain from reading this because i am about to show my shamefully ashy ass right now. this is about to get uglier than two fat mexican chicks sharing a lexington steele two-sided dildo... now, that you have been warned!

*que the muhfuckin theme music please*

Sound Off - Slaughterhouse

(it's not going to be that bad, but you have to admit that was a tight introduction to what is about to be my verbal tongue-lashing of aaron reid... *chuckle*..........*chuckle*)

soooo, you probably already saw octavius' post about the e-mail aaron reid's representation sent the monarchs about posting his "likeness" (what The Fuck is a likeness...) anyway i wasn't going to say anything for real, but i got to get my shit off...

i assume "likeness" stands for a fucking bag of chitterlings, cause thats what he looked like... that ninja looks like a dented up nike sportswear box... he has the body definition of a fucking qdoba pork burrito... i have a bunion on my left foot that is bigger than your dick fam... you look like a loaf of banana nut bread... what the hell does your diet consist of, bowls of sand? you looked a fuckin bean bag chair... your dick looked like "mushroom" from mario bros... you look like you are made of memory foam, when i get my money up, i am going to buy one of your cousins as a mattress... i bet your ass-sized armpit smells like lima bean juice... you have more crevices in your body than the human brain... i could play hide-and-go-seek in your fat rolls... you looked like a fucking maze!

in all seriousness though, all i could think when i read the letter was that this little spoiled, arrogant piece of shit got put out there, and he ran to his daddy to scare all the websites and blogs that posted his pic to try and save face (i understand why his pops would want to cover it up. as they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, that picture basically proves his dad suffers from baby dick and is probably pissin on his nuts too). anyway, it's TOO LATE HOMIE!!! every chick that has internet access has seen it dude... you have to go through this one on your own. if even one sad excuse for a woman let you smash, i guarantee all of spelman and clark-atlanta already knew. women talk!!! this whole situation is no more embarrassing than when you pull it out before sex, and hear the female chuckle ( don't say you haven't dealt with that aaron...). i am just sayin, the best way to deal with this is to confront it yourself b. you can't rely on your dad's money and your material items to get you through this one. you have to display real confidence in who you are to prevent people from going IN on you. i know a white dude that had a baby dick, and would walk around naked in the locker room all the time. we would clown his ass, but he didn't give a fuck, he was hella confident in who he was AND he got ALL chicks! (i guess his tongue game was right!). i am just saying, coming at people with your money is not gonna make your dick larger, or that picture less embarrassing. learn to deal with your deficiencies and keep it moving... we all have a whole bunch of shit wrong with us, i have become confident enough to laugh about my problems, and truthfully i hope you will too!


P.S. who is the next person to participate in this verbal gang bang of aaron reid???