Public school S/S 2010

Excuse me sir? Think about your closet.
Do you have any leather?
Any Suede?
Or heavy knits?
If not you should get some. When walking out of the house this winter make sure you are wearing multiple materials and textures that contrast each other, but don't clash in color.
If you think about it, what fabrics do we deem as the most commonplace? Denim Pants, Cotton Tops, synthetic (plastic/rubber) shoes. if common and passable are what you are going for, please continue to wear these same fabrics every day.
Having on more than one material gives you more personality. With out speaking people will look at you and have the impression of Knowledge, Certainty, and Worldliness.
While shopping for pants this fall look for everything but denim and I dare you to find something that is not blue or tan. You will be surpised who will notice your grey chinos, or your Dark green cords.

For accessories, and jackets Definitely go for some leather, and if that doesn't compliment your $$ go for vinyl, or any other synthetic that has a gloss or shine.
Picking out a new fabric for each garment will definitely diversify your closet and set off your look. But the coup de grace is actually having different fabrics all in on garment.

The next time you're on campus, at work, or out in the world notice someone who's wearing a coat, cardigan, or pants that are made of two materials such as Shearling & Cotton, Leather & Suede, or different Synthetics. The attributes I mentioned earlier will come to mind and you will see the power and character clothing can give someone.
Knowledge, Certainty, and Worldliness may not describe the person you see dressed like this completely, but I bet you will perceive them having at least one of those attributes.

Go test that out and let me know if my observation holds true.
And if they do, you should try it to!