So I bet you guys are wondering what the phuck is up with the photo above? Well I am happy to explain it to you. The pic is a boy trying to figure out what direction he wants to go. But he has 3 different ways to go and he's confused about which to choose. Only one way is correct which means the other 2 are wrong. If he takes the wrong way then he has made a mistake. Thats what I did with my last post I made a mistake with NAME DROPPING. I EVEN SAID FOR THOSE WHO I MISSED IM SRY, but I guess some didn't read that part after they didn't see their name. (mr. nesbitt even noted that) What I'm trying to say is don't catch feelings about this at all. Its not that big of a deal. Just because you didn't see your name doesn't mean anything I no hella peeps and it was 4am in the morn. So plz get off my JOCK.....LOL I always wanted to say that. But for real don't take it personal IT WAS JUST A MISTAKE.