Aint This a B!tch!!!

I'm Mad - - Ya'll know I dont like kanye and I was amused of those pics we saw in 08 (remember with him playing B-ball with his shirt off looking like an old decrepit grandpa)

Well now this Negro has gone to the gym. And he looks like the Drug lord in those Tyler Perry Movies {see him here}

Anyway I'm Mad that I cant be mad. . . Does that make sense?

Photo Courtesy of SierraLuella.blogspot.com


OcTaViUs said...

im in the gym 24/7 fuck this ish

Jay_fever said...

You're silly as hell..."The drug dealer in all those Tyler Perry movies" HA!!!

The Skipper said...

aw man, im going into hiding this winter and gettin CUT! lol

Anonymous said...

I love I love I love :-)

Triz Kennedy! said...

looks like amare stoudemire