Midwest Marchdown 09

Shots from the Midwest Marchdown 09...

Stanky Leg Competition 

Next Level 
Scholarship Recipients 


Second Place Sorority went to the Delta's
First Place went to the SGRho's
Second Place Fraternity went to the Kappa's
First Place went to the Sigma's


Syl said...

I heard mixed reviews about the Paxtons' performance (mostly negative, however). I'm curious to know what you guys thought. I wasn't there, but I like their music (not to mention that they're the WashU homies. :-)). I have a couple of their songs on my ipod, and personally I think that they are well on their way. However, my opinion may be a tad biased. So, being the connoisseurs that the monarchs are on all things new and fly, I would be interested to know your honest opinions on their performance.