Who Gon' Stop Him?

Tiny (former member of Xscape and T.I's lil lady) received a dope a$$ gift the other night for her birthday. T.I. laced this chick up with a P.H.A.T (lol) ring and a loaded diamond necklace....straight from the penitentiary. YOWZAS!!

Ain't hood love fabulous?!


Nichols Accomplished said...

i bet she can fuck like a champion man!!! lowkey: i use to have a crush on mrs piggy back in my muppet baby days... i always thought kermit was crazy for not banging miss piggy! whatever, i sort of have a thing for UGLY chicks anyway... tiny would do.

William H. said...


Adrian said...

tiny would neva do, shes thick thats all, but her sausage face takes away so much that nothing matters at all.

defmccoy said...

This lil piggy got a new diamond rang, This lil piggy got a diamond necklace. but...THIS lil piggy got fake ass titties, fake ass hair & fake ass teeth that make her fake ass washed up & a has been. I see TIP still like swine (don't catch the flu).