Real $hit

Soulja Boy Tweets. . .

  • Yeah I said. F*ck all of yall. I'm taking my money and leaving. Gonna go blow kush and live my 2nd dream. this rap shit lame now

  • Like why? Like really. My music dream was THE SHIT 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine

  • Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these cr*ckaz wanna critcize a nigga. take REAL SH*T and turn it to trash

  • Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something i'm not. THESE CR*CKERS DONT KNOW WHO THE F*CK I REALLY AM!!!

  • I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my shit hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media

  • It's all bullshit. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it's my dream? that sh*t died when crank that went #1

  • I know what you thinking. But SOULJA BOY its the American dream your rich I would kill to be in your shoes. thats what you THINK its all BS!

  • They say soulja boy u changed. soulja boy u hollywood I ain't ask for this SHIT!!!!!! I want it to go back to how it was before i was signed

  • I might be soundin crazy now.. I don't really know about alot of things these days. But I just want EveryBODY to know this shit

  • Just KNOW that i'm only 18 man... And it's only so much I can do. It's only so much I can take. If your really fans and love and support me

  • You would hear me out and help ya boy get thru this sh*t..

    C. Harris said...

    Wow, Soulja Boy just willingly admit that his music's garbage. It takes a lot to not even endorse your own product. If you don't believe in it, then who will? Not me cuz I agree w/him!

    Sean said...

    that is not what he was saying at all read that again