Rapper Fashion?

Have you thought about the fashion state of hip hop. I'm actually happy that it has changed. Hip Hop is one of the youngest forms of music so it is still growing and changing. I actually like the path that its going on.

Because hip hop started with the poor and second hand their clothing embodied that. Wel l today it is a million dollar industry, and finally the artists are mirroring that.

Here are the New Boyz the most up to date representation of what young rappers will look like in the world of tomorrow.
Of course Kanye West is the rapper that has been accepted in to the elite world of high fashion, and he has taken great strides to earn his place as a respected designer and fashionisto.
T.I.P. really represents what a grown man with money should wear. Yes he keeps it hood on the off days but when its time to dress, he DRESSES! Every read capret he has a suit on! Even the Vibe awards!!!
I haven't seen much of drake but he is a canadian raised well to do kid, I doubt we will catch him in anything unfitted or baggy.
Kid Cudi is in an inbetween phase to me, he dresses it up well enough to have mentions in GQ and Details magazine.
Lil wayne has taken rock n roll and ran with it. The lip piercing, the face tats, the hats, and skinny jeans sagging below his knees.
Yung LA. True Religion. . .I guess its a step up.
Oh but the world of high fashion and class hasn't settled on every on yet. Some like to stick to their hood roots. I researched this photo of Soulja Boy, it was posted in 2009, so it's recent.
Tisk Tisk Tisk. . .
Boosie. . .

Gucci . . . Lookin like 2002


Nichols Accomplished said...

thats not dro, thats yung la... AND true religion is not fucking with polo(what dro usually wears) at all! especially the purple and black label shit!

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Dro wears the bright colorful Polo Sport, when have you ever seen him in Black or Purple label. show Me!!!

Da$hing said...

DRO defiantly should have been on the list as well as 3000. TI gets the crown, and im taking Drake off the list he hasn't been in the public eye long enough to establish an image, not one worth mentioning at least