You wish You Knew

Nudie Accesories, This is the Ipod case, it's pretty cool and you know it's basic function.
Price: $45 [Click]

This is a Nudie Computer Sleeve. I could careless about designer denim, I'm not sure what my vice is with them but high priced jeans with slight construction differences dont appeal to me. BUT I do like to see connections across the board, for example this Nudie Jeans Computer Sleeve Bag. It's fully lined so your laptop is safe and dry. The price is pretty good too. check it out
Price: $69 [Click]


Adrian said...

Looks like I will be buying that case, or on another note who wants to by it for me?
Ima have to get a pair of nudies to match I guess?

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Please Dont wear those jeans with the case, that looks hella weird lol

OcTaViUs said...

lol it would look like a detached pocket