Ya gotta eat!

We've been on a move with the Resturants so I will make it quick.

we stopped by Blue Ocean Sushi again and there was a new server. I told her i want 8 pieces total. and I only wanted to pay $4 [You know mondays are half off]. Some how she says " I thought you wanted 8 orders, so she doubled it.

So after eating all $24 pieces we asked her to get the manager to clear up our misunderstanding. Well. . . how much do you think I paid. . .

You're damn right $4.

We checked out Thai gau yang [I should know the correct spelling but oh well]. It's in the loop across from the Delmar Lounge. As you can see Oct ordered [Dookie and Entrails] I think he said it was tasty.

I got shrimp and tomato pasta which was fire!! and all of our food was around $10

and for those late nights when I get home at 3:05 am there is left overs, after a few shots of uv, the greasier the better.


OcTaViUs said...

nigga u had pussy blood pasta