Taste of Santi White

So on Saturday night, the Monarchs and friends went to the B-Live concert at The Pageant in the Delmar Loop. The night was MARVELOUS! Bacardi was the sponsor and they treated us like GOLD! I mean we took a survey before the concert started and got 20 bucks in cash. When we walked in, they gave us a bag of tokens that got us ALL free stuff such as t-shirts, buttons, bags, posters, and pics from the photo booth. AND we got 2 Bacardi drinks for the price of......ZERO!!! I felt like a kid in a carnival.

Then we get to the performances and EVERYONE was awesome!...Trouble Andrew was dope (and was mad fresh by the way)...Amanda Blank had me hyped....MSTRKRFT (who we missed because of Jason's wonderful hotdogs)...and Santigold of course!!! (I TRULY want to be one of her back-up dancers. smh) We were on the floor upon a huge crowd of people. I was involved in a mini mosh pit and got HANDLED! But this still had to be the best concert that i have EVER been to. Seriously. Everyone was live.

This isn't a vid from the STL concert...but this is basically exactly how it went (minus the crowd). Same fit and everything. lol. Check it: