Got love for Dert

So I was talking with a few people about the recent videos the Monarchs did for SYGU for the Teese 09 and for the Chic Enterprises "INTRO" and a couple of others. The question asked who is the person that made the tracks. Well......drum roll....lol, his name is Dert aka Dert Floyd and he's a underground hip hop producer from California. pictured below...

He's from an underground hip hop group called the Tunnel Rats from out in Cali and has numerous solo beat tapes and albums showcasing that this brotha not only has skills but versatility as well. His sound can range from some smooth soulful jazzy type to some striaght boom-bap gritty hip hop feel. Some of his albums, two of which I use tracks from, include
The Seattle Situation (A collection of Tunnel Rats instrumentals from 2002-2004)
The Westside of the Moon (a beat tape using all pink floyd samples DOPE!)
The Short List

and his lastest Ep- CMYK ( dope! name and tracks)

If you want to find out more about him check out his myspace at www.myspace.com/dertbeats
and his website at http://www.dertbeats.com/
also if you want to just listen to some tracks online check them out here along with some other "hidden treasures" at Sphere of Hip Hop


djneedles said...

HOLY BLAGOJEVICH! The art work ALONE is enough to convince me! Cant wait to check the music out...thx for puttin me on Skip!