White House Prom

The White House Correspondents Dinner took place Saturday May 9th, 2009. I really like this event it has also been known as the "white house Prom" The focal point of the night is the comedic after dinner speech givin by the President himself, and an accompanying comedian who usually roasts the president and other public figures. [Wanda went hard, more info soon]

Lady Obama wore a simple sillouette of solid pink, and a Billion dollar necklace.

A few other interesting things: Down there in the White dress is Meghan Mcain, she caused a scene at the door about bringing an extra guest [Bitch you aint at the club, you lucky you got in]
Also I didn't know George Lucas had a Black Woman!
And  I didn't know the Mayor of DC was black [Adrian Fenty, is he related to Rihanna?]. 

This is Jason Wu taking a shy picture with Eva Longoria-Parker. Jason has become famous because of his frocks made for Lady Obama.


Nichols Accomplished said...

in the words of the world famous octavious, " I am sorry, but michelle obama is through!" hahahahahaha...