Twiggy's BACK!

So I took a trip to San Francisco for a week and guess what??...I had a BLAST!! KABOOM!! KABLAM!! It is such a beautiful city with so many things to do. The only thing I don't know about is the weather and all those hills and mountains. I'm too clumsy to live around uneven pavement and I thought St. Louis had random weather but nah...San Francisco has sum weird a** weather as well. Most of the time spent there, I had to actually wear my leather jacket. It was a bit nippy but I dealt with it. No swimming suits *sad face*. But ANYwhooo....if you haven't been, take a break and go. 

-ocean walking
-prison touring
-bridge riding
-clouds sighting

a BEAUTIFUL place to be...

I will show you a little of what I did here on MADE MONARCHS. For more pics, hit me up on Facebook (click HERE). 

I loved Cali but I have to admit....ain't nuthin like home

I was worn OUT!