The Table

In highschool I had a very tight knit group of friends, we did every thing together as a group, and often planned large events just for our selves seeing as we were the leaders of most school orgs. people noticed our close group and we became known as "The Table". That was back in 2004, so we have been keeping up with each other for the past 6 years! And when we get together we kick it hard! I wonder what the parties will be like when we are 30. lol

Happy Birthday Mike


Jonny Fresh Kid said...

What do you have on in pic #3?!?! LMAO!! hahahahaha---U came a long way broseph!! haha and dude to your right with the peanut butter no jelly suit straight from herold penners thought he was n there huh?!?! LOL!!

Its funny when you look back at what ur fashion taste were back in the day!!! I know I LMAO everytime i look at old pics of me!! haha

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Yea That was an expensive Biggie glitter shirt form Underground station in NorthWest Plaza!

I thought I was tight cuz I had the belt buckle to match lol