Bag Game

I was talking with Oct about how I still love the brands I wore in highschool and I wished that they made clothes in smaller more tailored sizes. I wanted to go check on the brands I have lost touch with and I stumbled upon the LRG Container Collection

These bags have blown my mind and I want from from each style, even if its just the phone case.
I may not be able to wear the clothes but I can definitely sport these masterpieces. I'm not sure of their drop date, Oct said that he would follow LRG on twitter so we (that means you too) can be the first to know. . .
"You were always My Favorite"
- Mother Superior (Jamie Foxx Show)


Al.murda said...

these bags are SICK! Great post!

demetrius said...

The brown canvas bookbag is hella tight...gotta get 1....any word on the prices..?

OcTaViUs said...

im on the red, purp, camo, yes im so serious......im guessing the bags will go from 70 n up demetrius