Shan Keith

"Shan Keith, a self-proclaimed chic, urban and contemporary designer, creates clothing that enhances and inspires individuality. Creating flirty, feminine and masculine garments, he is well known for his clothing with a distinctive style that will stand the test of time. 

    A native of St. Louis, Mo., Shan Keith was introduced to fashion at a young age., Flipside Magazine Editor, writes “It’s literally in his jeans (genes), no pun intended…” His mother and grandmother were both connoisseurs of fashion, sewing and designing garments for manufacturing companies throughout the states of Georgia and Missouri. 

    Shan Keith went to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He studied biology where he had dreams of becoming a doctor. It was there, through his personal style, that he used sewing as a hobby and designed and sewed garments for students and organizations on campus. Taking the inspiration as his motivation for success, he decided to resign from the university and started producing garments in the basement of his parent’s home. He laid the foundation for his garments by sewing and selling them to consignment shops and local boutiques throughout his hometown. "

(below) this cardigan goes hard!

(Bel0w) this brown dress and those graphic leggings would go for $thousands$

Im pissed that this Collection didn't win Project Design. This collection had everything and was in the CORRECT season [fall 09]. Those wrinkly ass fashion week  people have no idea, and they just wanted to come drink martinis and hob-knob.

I can't wait till our fashion show. . . 

Shout out to SHAN KEITH!


Anonymous said...

Shan Keith's flowing green dress with the beautifully elaborate pleats combines prep in addition to a collar?? My kind of detail...
<3 it with a passion.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, no pleats. But still wonderfully detailed. *sigh*