The noses have it.

My grandma pulled together the family generations for Easter this Sunday. As you can see my Mom was born 1957, Grandma was born 1940 [So she had my mom when she was 16 or 17] and My Great-Grandma was born 1922.

If I just showed you those years you may think these women would look alot older than they do here. People in my family age very well. 
And their hair is real, [you don't see that too often, take notes Black girls! I love weave, but at a certain point you have to stop dying, frying and lying to your hair]
It's often easy to tell what kids will look like when their older, but I've always wondered what older people used to look like. My great-grandma is 87 now and she was 66 when I was born so I've always seen her as "old" and so that thought crossed my mind as I took pictures of here on this Easter Holiday. She not only looks good for 87 she fools you by action as well. She still lives alone, has no health concerns, and moves about naturally with grace and rhythmn. 

Now this is a picture I found of her when she was younger, I'm not sure of the exact age or era, [By the hair and collar I want to say 40s-50s]. I have to say that I was quite surprised that she looked like this, I always thought the majority of women back in time were "plainer" than they are now  a days. Clearly she was the baddest chick coming out of Shaw, Mississippi in her time


Nichols Accomplished said...

greg phifer!!!! Your grandma is bad, and your momma is soooo thick... tell her i havent heard from her for a while. i know she was hurt because i had a girlfriend, but thats just the game. i miss her..........