T. Oh No!!!

Terrell Owens has been released from the Dallas Cowboys.

I'm not sure what's come over me, to have the notion of sports reporting, but there is something about a successful black man losing his place on top of the world that hurts me a little.

News sources say that T.O. has been released because of the continuous loses of the Cowboys and also in part to his attitude.
I actually have no opinion on that because I dont follow football or his career.

He is a 35 year old football player, is he done? or is he just going to take a pay cut for another team?

I think Coach Jerry Jones is responding to the economy. . .
{If you dont make wins, you dont make $Ends $.} - Mr. Nesbitt

"I want to thank Jerry Jones, Coach Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys for the opportunity to be a member of the team for the past three years.

A big thanks to the fans -- you've been awesome! I look forward to the upcoming season and continuing to play in the NFL.

I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the families of Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and William Bleakley." - T.0.

Do with this what you may . . .


LWay said...

It's All Gud... He's Wit Da Bills Now