Kard Game

I'm not ashamed to say that I follow some reality tv. The Kardashians are an intersting family , every one is trying to make it in the same industry, and it's tight because they are making money off of themselves, no gimmicks, no acting, just glamor, sexiness, and foul language.

I fux with the realest first. . . Khloe is unapologetic and outspoken but she also shares her humane flaws and insecurities for all to see. People called her a fat amazon and she still came back hard with this. . .

Im just gonna give this lil hoe (kourtney) a shout out cuz she lookin hella fire in this picture for 944 magazine. It was her first cover.

Kim and Reggie are at the top of the B list celebrity couples. And I can't get enough of them. I really think E! should have a spin off that focuses on these two and their lives. (pics from GQ magazine)


Nichols Accomplished said...

Yeah, I definitely have another man crush!!! I would have sex with both of them. I would be a manwich... And what's a sandwich without mayonnaise.

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Who is mayonnaise? yourself right? cuz Kim kardashian is to fine and juicy to be called mayonnaise!

she is *hard* work!!! lol

(and yea i said Juicy!!!)

Nichols Accomplished said...

haha... mayonnaise is the liquid that i produce when sandwiched by kim and reggie, pretty gross!.. manwich is a brand of mayonnaise. it was an, obviously, failed attempt at a play on words!

Mr. Nesbitt said...

You're quite nasty Puny P. . . tisk. . . tisk