Plain Potato Cakes

Just before we visited Jilly's cupcakes we went to our favorite spot this season, House of India!
It is some thing new for my palette and the price for the lunch special is good on the pockets.
Twigs, and Steffen definitely enjoyed their first time here.

The Lunch Special is from
11:30am - 2:30pm and it's all you can eat for
$7.85 M-Thurs and $8.75 F-Sun.

Dont get it twisted though, this is a very swanky and elegant restaurant, We get the best of both worlds lol.


Sylvia said...

You went without me! :-( Gotta love that Indian cuisine!

Nichols Accomplished said...

Y'all were spending monaaay! I love payday...

Millz T.R. said...

I had hella fun G! When we going bak?