I See Myself

Michael Bastian Fall 2009

I definitely see myself in this, I decided last year that I'm going to cycle out my closet.

All of us can go home right now and look through a drawer full of t shirts and sweaters that are either out of style or outdated that you just dont let go of, You also havent worn it in the past year or two.

Get rid of that shit to make room for your constantly growing wordrobe.

It's winter time right now and spring is almost visible in the distance, so I'm looking through all of my sweaters and coats, if I know that Im not going to wear it for fall 2009 or I know my style has grown away from it Im taking it to Rag-o-rama, or plato's closet to get it sold so I can get some $$ out of it.

If neither of them take it I will donate it to any friend that wants it, and If they dont want it, the clothes go to Goodwilll [ NEVER THROW AWAY CLOTHES]

Now when you get up in the morning and dont feel like looking superb, you wont be able to help it because your Sweat pants and hoody are still polo, and you shoes are still some old Jordan's.

It's a great way to live, Also get some outside consultation about your closet, it will really open your eyes to see what some one else thinks about your clothes.

Once you update or redfine your closet Mark my words . . . It will redefine your public image, and inturn affect your personal perception.

Thank you to Michael Bastian for this "I'm not really wearing anything special" attitude to for his fall 2009 collection.


h0tness said...

this is hot! all guys shoulddress like this