Born and raised in the Neatherlands (Europe), Nicolay is the producer of THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE (with Phonte Coleman of LITTLE BROTHER).Their debut album "CONNECTED" hit hard for the underground,the hip-hop, and soul listeners. The Foreign Exchange has been featured on MTV, BET, and VH1. Nicolay was listed in URB Magazine's Next 100. Nicolay has produced for Little Brother, Masta Ace, and Zion I. In 2007, Nicolay started his own record label and plans to release several projects. His label is a partnership with Premium Blend Music Productions. You can catch some work from Nicolay by just looing up "THE TIME LINE", "LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND", and "CITY LIGHTS".
Here's a track from "LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND" titled SWEETER THAN YOU


Anonymous said...

I listened to the track 'Sweeter Than You', I must admit that's hott. I will have to keep up with him. (hott Post man)

OcTaViUs said...

thanks a lot ms clark, im glad u like it!
YOU HAVE TO GET THE CD ASAP! ima try to send it to you or something